How To Spot Drug Addiction

family trouble due to drug addictionIt affects 23 million Americans who use illicit and another 8 million who are on prescriptions. It costs nearly $468 billion a year to manage it. And, it ruins more lives than most diseases, natural disasters and issues in America. The problem is drug addiction.

With so many people addicted, there are many who do not know how to spot the signs and symptoms of a drug addiction. There are also those who know there is a problem going on but have no idea what to do to help.

The following is a guide on how to spot a drug addiction problem in a family member, friend or loved one. Remember that everyone is different and just because a person meets some of the criteria for drug addiction this fact alone doesn’t prove they are addicted. The following is a good guide to tell you if you need to investigate harder.

Physical & Mental Symptoms Of Addiction

There are many physical and mental symptoms that indicated that someone has an addiction to drugs. These include:

1.Mood Swings
5.Bi-Polar Symptoms (feeling good one minute and bad the next)
6.Deterioration in physical appearance.
7.Weight Loss
8.Dark circles under the eyes.
9.Insomnia or constant sleepiness.
10.Health problems like frequent illness or issues.
11.Withdrawal symptoms which include things like nausea, headaches, vomiting, insomnia, muscle and bone aches.
12.Other withdrawal symptoms like continued sleepiness.
13.Binge Use – using drugs for several days in a row and then “crashing.”
15.Alienating loved ones.
16.Track marks in the arms (if the user is IV).
17.Nose bleeds and sinus problems (for those who are snorting drugs through the nasal passages).
18.Persistent cough or lung problems or pain (for those smoking drugs).
19.Financial Issues (never having money, inability to pay bills or hold a job).
20.Legal Problems

Often one will start to use drugs as a solution to a problem. Due to the addictive nature of the substances the addiction will then become the primary problem. The addict’s life will deteriorate around them. The will seek to make excuses for their troubles; not wanting to admit that the drug use has caused them. Eventually the addicted person will hit a “road block” where they have to make a decision to either seek help, be incarcerated (if they are arrested due to the addiction) to continue on the road of substance abuse with the possibility of losing their lives to the problem.
This is where family and friends come in. It is the responsibility of loved ones to make sure an addicted person goes into treatment; despite any reason why he or she says they should or cannot.

For more information on finding a drug rehab or spotting an addiction problem in a friend or loved one contact us today at 877-212-2070.

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