Drug Rehab Treatment

Get Help Now CallerWith drug addiction affecting 31% of homelessness, 60% of crime and costing society over $484 billion every year aggressive approaches need to be taken regarding drug rehab treatment.

Each year, according to Treatment Episodes Data Set, there are over 1.9 million admissions into drug and alcohol treatment. There are also many others who do not enroll in a program that are desperately struggling with addiction and need help.

Some will wait even 20 years before going into treatment and watch as their relationships, finances, and hopes all diminish because of addiction. Some are not even lucky enough to make it into a program and, unfortunately become a statistic.

Why Some Won’t Seek Treatment For Drug Rehab

Based on a new report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, an individual will use drugs an average of 15.6 years from when the individual first used drugs or alcohol until they seek treatment.  This was of the more than 600,000 adults admitted into treatment during 2010.

Some of the reasons for this are as follows:

•    The individual becomes so consumed by his addiction that he or she loses track of time. After someone has developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol their world begins to revolve around these substances. All thoughts and actions are centered on getting and using drugs. The result is that they alienate things and people around them. Years are lost before a person will actually wake up from the fog of addiction and try to get help.

•    Feelings that the addict has where they are embarrassed about their addiction or ashamed about the damage they have cause. Some who are addicted to drugs or alcohol feel worse and worse the more things they do that alienate the hurt those around them. Some feel that they do not even deserve help and will continue to use in an effort to render themselves incapable of hurting others.

•    Others will have a very strong need to keep using drugs or be frightened about the severe withdrawal effects they will face if they stop using and it is a huge deterrent for them to not get help. Those addicted to heroin and prescription drugs as well as alcohol face the worst physical withdrawal symptoms imaginable that can keep their bodies sick for days or weeks without the drugs.

•    There are also those who are aided in using drugs by others. This is called enabling. Those who are enabled to use drugs will not go into drug rehab treatment. Often the most common ways of enabling someone is to allow them to live in the home as a drug addict, give the person money, help them with or pay their bills or even help them to purchase drugs.

The study indicated that the time lapse was often longer for females than for males. In addition to this alcohol treatment had the longest time lapse between the first drink and treatment and prescription drug addiction had the shortest.  However, the indication of the time span before an addiction begins and gets handled indicates the need for so many to get help earlier through drug treatment programs.

Why Some Don’t Stay In Drug Treatment Rehab

The other problem that comes up with drug rehab treatment is the fact that an individual will not want to stay in treatment long enough to fully handle their problem. Many pick a drug or alcohol treatment center based on their insurance criteria or to comply with a request or ultimatum from a loved one or family member. But when looking for a program that should be asked is; what is the purpose of treatment?

The purpose of treatment is to completely free a person from a drug or alcohol addiction and allow them to stay stably drug or alcohol free.

According to the Principles of Drug Abuse Treatment from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, recovery from drug addiction requires effective treatment that is then managed over time. In addition to this the treatment provided must be long enough to get a positive effect with those enrolled to change addictive behaviors. The more time an individual goes without using drugs the more this habit pulls out of their daily routine. Soon, the thought of using drugs or drinking alcohol becomes pretty much non-existent.

When a family member or loved one gets the agreement of the addicted individual to get help, they should be enrolled in a program that is long-term; at least 90 days in length.

Getting Rehab Treatment Help

Going into a rehab treatment can be a difficult decision. A person has to leave the comforts of home, their family, and social environment. However to live with a drug or alcohol addiction is never an option and it is nearly impossible to recover without effective treatment or the twelve steps of AA.

Let us help you find the right program for yourself or a loved one. Call our toll free and confidential hot-line today and speak with a addiction referral specialist.

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